In what is essentially one of the most bizarre collaborations in recent memory, Eminem has teamed up with absolutely horrid pop star (well, ‘star’ is kind of pushing it at this point) Pink to record “Won’t Back Down” for Em’s upcoming disc, Recovery, due June 22nd.  It’s one of those pop culture collusions that you’d think is so oddball and leftfield that it would just have to work, right?

Answer:  No.

Why?:  Because it’s really, really bad.  Like, embarrassing bad.

Rap Radar debuted the track yesterday, and oh my, there really are no words for this.  Imagine a heavy-handed, clunky beat in which Eminem laces with his typically virtuosic and verbose venom, and is continually dragged down by Pink’s lunk-headed early ‘00s pop wailing.  Or you can just listen to it here; but remember – this is four and half minutes you won’t be getting back, and it’s not like I didn’t warn you.

The new record drops later this month, and while it’s sure to sell well – Eminem has a fervent fanbase – here’s hoping that the remainder of the album isn’t as misguided as “Won’t Back Down.”

What do you think of Eminem’s duet with Pink?