Luna is Honey is probably the most visually unassuming bands we’ve featured so far this year in our BeatCrave Fav series. It is so often that we see bands that rely on taking on a visual genre then just giving us the audible goods. Instead, this Los Angeles-based band displays themselves with no need for pretense, a level of confidence that the most mainstream of acts can’t hold claim to. Their brand of indie rock comes with psychadelic undertones that produce a rhythm and melody that complement each other despite their complexity.

Having released three albums since their 2006 inception, Luna is Honey brings a seasoned sound to the table, bearing a confidence that is rare for a band so relatively new – a quality that no doubt will appeal to and span across the generational spectrum. What more can we say? That we hope you vote for them in this week’s BeatCrave Fav poll? Yep. Sounds about right.

Pick of the Day: Luna is Honey

Type: Rock, Indie, Psycadelic

Label: Model City Music

Band Members:

  • Joshua Crampton (vocals, guitar)
  • Jay Francisco (samples)
  • Amorn Bholsangngam (drums, percussion)
  • Tyler Binkley (bass)
  • Elijah Crampton (keyboards)


“Who Wouldn’t” (Live)

“A Death One” (Live)



  • Rhino Sinners (2008)
  • Raptor Red (2009)
  • Copy Cats (2010)

Upcoming Shows:

  • 6/8 Synchronicity Space – Hollywood, CA
  • 6/29 Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
  • 7/1 Echo Curio – Echo Park, CA

More Info:

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