Because the reaction to his death hasn’t been nearly borderline-ghoulish enough to rob whatever tiny filaments of dignity he may have had left, Michael Jackson’s grave will be open to the public on the one-year anniversary of his death.  Oh, and that odd rattling noise you’re hearing now is Joe Jackson, somewhere in the distance, chanting “Ch-ching! Ch-ching! Ch-ching!

According to Spinner:

“Currently located at California’s Forest Lawn cemetery, US authorities have given the go-ahead for fan tributes to take place in a protected setting at a distance from Jackson’s grave on June 25.

Given the magnitude of public outcry when Jackson passed away last summer from a drug overdose, police are focusing on security concerns and using a similar procedure to the one employed in July when the singer was finally laid to rest after an internationally televised wake. In September 2009, Jackson was moved to a section called the Great Mausoleum, which will remain completely closed off to the public.”

Moreover, Glendale police sergeant Tom Lorenz ensured the L.A. Times that there will be a high police presence:

“We understand that Forest Lawn is working with the Jackson family for some kind of commemoration… We will be working closely with Forest Lawn to ensure the safety of those who want to pay their respects to Michael Jackson while ensuring the safety of others who are coming to the cemetery to pay respects to their loved ones.”

Meanwhile, Gary Coleman began pouting and stomping furiously around Limbo as tumbleweeds and crickets continued to collect around his grave.

What do you think of the decision to make Jackson’s grave open to the public?