Pitchfork reports that September 14th, 2010, will be a fairly big day for gloomy New York City indie rock — not only does the new Interpol album drop that day, but so too does Lisbon, the new disc by the Walkmen.  The band announced that the album will be out via Fat Possum records, and was inspired by Elvis Presley and Sun Studios records.

Written and recorded in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Lisbon, the album was produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent, the Thermals, and Mountain Goats) and was engineered by Chris Zane (Passion Pit and Les Savy Fav).  So pretty much expect it to be the best gloomy, NYC indie rock record of the summer (I’ll see you in hell, Interpol).

In a February interview with Pitchfork, Walkmen frontman Hamilton Leithauser said that the new album was inspired by Presley and classic Sun Studios rock:

“Yeah, there is a lot of stuff that’s Elvis-sounding, like early Elvis and Sun Records kind of sounds. We have just so many eight-tracks over the last year; the list is just unbelievable. The instrumentation is very simple, and then there’s a very loud vocal and a softish drum. There is a slapback guitar on everything. I don’t know if it will end up being used at all, but I think that was a starting point for a lot of stuff that Paul looped with the guitar.”

What do you think—are you excited about the new Walkman record?