Rooftop Films Summer Series is a non-profit event that takes advantage of the warmer evening weather with outdoor screenings of independent film, literally, on the rooftops around New York. With the showcasing of original works aiming to achieve a cultural relevancy that all art forms strive for, it would only be natural to feature local musical acts that live and breathe the same sentiment.

Brooklyn-based indie rock band Oh You Devil will take to Open Road Rooftop this Friday, June 18th, in the spirit of kicking off yet another evening of involved short films – the theme of the night being New York Non-Fiction (click here for a full screening list and film summary). Perhaps it’s wishful thinking on our part, but like many songs of summers past, Oh You Devil’s sound likely will become synonymous with the season as the festival itself, as the band’s style – or at least one would hope. With smooth, mellow, and remarkably succinct compositions and lyrics, theirs is an overall refreshing take on the genre, perhaps as beautiful as the city skyline itself. Here is a brief reminder as to how and why we’re entrusting our ears in them as we are:

That said, we can only imagine the following scenario: being high on a rooftop, sometime after twilight, a summer breeze wrapping around us tightly as such jazz-inspired, rock-driven melodies encourage a smile across our face. Hmm and wow. Do you believe in magic?

Tickets are $10 online or at the door, with doors opening at 8:00. We suggest arriving fashionably on-time.