It’s Father’s Day, time to get out the wallet and fork over some cash for Dad. Fortunately, if your father is a music lover, you’re in luck; Beatcrave is here to give you the lowdown on a few great gifts available this season.

Check out the seven best music-gifts for dads at all price ranges below…

7. Exile on Main Street Reissue

Still going strong after decades of creating some of the most memorable rock n’ roll songs of all time, the Rolling Stones have recently re-released what may be their definitive album along with a DVD and the original recording remastered. Featuring such classic tracks as “Tumbling Dice” and “Shine a Light,” Exile on Main Street is a masterpiece, propelled by Mick Jagger’s inimitable dynamic vocals and Keith Richard’s smooth, bluesy guitar. Dad is sure to appreciate this blast from the past.

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6. Tom Petty with guest My Morning Jacket

Few artists are talented enough to write one song as good as “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” Tom Petty wrote several, and if you’ve ever listened to a classic rock radio station anytime during the last twenty years, odds are you’ve heard them many times throughout your life, and most likely, you’ve found yourself singing along.

When Petty plays the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA and the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ, this year, he’ll be joined by My Morning Jacket, the Tennessee rockers who’ve shocked audiences into realizing that the simple formula of crooning guitar licks and soaring vocals can still result in music that will stand the test of time. The chance to see these two acts together is a once in a lifetime event, not to be missed.

5. Vinyl Record Player

With MP3s officially replacing CDs as the most convenient format on which to listen to music, vinyl is making a silent comeback of its own, delivering unmatched quality of sound for dedicated music lovers who need to hear every crisp note. Your dad probably has a huge stack of records stowed away in some attic or closet, and this would be the perfect opportunity to let him bust out some of his favorite albums from his youth. After all, there’s still nothing like hearing Dark Side of the Moon the way it was originally intended (and we don’t mean on drugs).

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  • They’re got some good ones at Amazon starting at $65 and moving up!
  • Local record stories, eBay, Target, Radioshack all have a wide variety!

4. High Violet by The National

To complement that record player, pick up the vinyl edition of High Violet, the latest album by The National. Moody, atmospheric, it’s the perfect kind of music to listen to on the vinyl format, where the layered production can wash over the listener in pure sonic clarity. This is a group to watch, and this is a great way to experience them.

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3. Sonos 250 Bundle

If your dad is the kind of guy who is so addicted to music that he needs it available wherever he is in the house, the Sonos 250 bundle is a great way to start, allowing him to wirelessly listen to his favorite tunes in multiple rooms. Known for their superior sound quality, these Sonos products will make a great gift for a music lover who needs to have the latest gadgets, and with a convenient package like this, it will make the process of shopping much less of a headache.

2. iPod Classic 160 GB

For the kind of guy who needs a more portable answer to his love of music, you can’t go wrong with the iPod Classic. Featuring enough memory space for approximately 40,000 songs, as well as hours’ worth of video and thousands of pictures, the only challenge presented to users of this product is finding enough music and media to fill up even half of the memory space. This gift is especially handy if your dad spends a lot of time on the road or on camping trips, as it makes his entire music library portable.

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1. London Calling: Live in Hyde Park (Blu-Ray)

Featuring nearly three hours’ worth of old hits, as well as newer tracks off such albums as Magic and Working on a Dream, this concert Blu-Ray captures the experience of seeing the legendary Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band live in London with unparalleled sound quality and impeccable picture. Anyone who has seen this group in concern recently can attest to the fact that, while others bands of that era may be putting on shows that do nothing to match the glory of their former selves, time has been unable to calm the spirits of these guys. Bruce was, as he said, born to run, and by the looks of it, he hasn’t stopped yet.

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