Time for our pick of our favorite music video of the week! There are a lot of music videos that come out each week so it’s a good thing we’re here to judge! This week’s pick was chosen for the following…

  • Chance of Dancing Alone in Your Room: 7/10
  • Replay it more than once: 8/10
  • Pass on to your friends: 9/10

And the pick of the week is…

Fol Chen: In Ruins

There is a noticeable shift in the attitude of our current culture towards destruction; it’s playful.

For Fol Chen’s single, In Ruins, the group sent the amazingly talented Mr. Chris Wilcha (known for his work on the Showtime series This American Life / The Target Shoots First) to Iceland after the volcanic explosion. He was able to capture the devastating ash that suffocated the region in a way that almost makes me feel bad for liking it so much.

The video was released June 21st by Asthmatic Kitty Records and highlights two young, vibrant youths curiously wandering through an empty and desolate terrain. Their exploration of the region pair with an upbeat tempo and down right darker than expected lyrics works well together. The footage is awesome, but quietly haunts you as you realize this is very real.

It’s just proof that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Lucky for us, Wilcha was the beholder.

Watch it now…