No better time than right now to get acquainted/re-acquainted with the legendary Todd Rundgren. The talented artist, producer and composer has signed a record contract with Gigatone Entertainment, based in Sacramento and Hollywood, which will release his new, 15-track album.

Rundgren also plans to invite fans into the studio to participate in the project via Gigatone’s myRecordFantasy three-day fantasy camp.

In addition to writing and recording a ton of big hits, Rundgren’s more than 100 production projects include popular albums by Cheap Trick, Grand Funk Railroad, Patti Smith, Hall & Oates, XTC, and of course, Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell.

“Signing such an accomplished superstar as Todd not only thrills us but shows that our new approach towards music creation and its acceptance by artists and fans is changing the market,” said Mitchell Koulouris, CEO of Gigatone Entertainment.

“Todd is renowned throughout the industry for skills and artistry that put him at a level of the Rock and Roll elite.”

The myRecordFantasy event, where die-hard fans are able to hang with Rundgren in the studio, will be held at The Track Shack Studios in Sacramento; Rundgren’s most devoted fans will get the very cool opportunity to help ‘executive produce’ Rundgren’s new album during the fantasy camp.

“These fans will be the lucky few that not only live it, but also have the opportunity to perform on the album,” Gigatone said in a press release.

Besides inking the new record deal, Rundgren has been busy. The singer, songwriter and all around rock n’ roll maverick hit the road last year, where he performed, for the first time ever, his 1973 prog-rock classic, A Wizard, A True Star, in its entirety.

Rundgren is out on the road right now, supporting his latest release, Todd Rundgren’s Short Johnson, a collection of blues legend Robert Johnson covers.