Proving that if you’re going to slowly murder a drug addicted patient by fueling said addiction with questionable prescriptions, you had better be the physician to a freakishly out-of-touch former pop god, alleged pedophile and disturbingly tragic ka-blillionaire, as Billboard reported yesterday that California “state investigators probing the death of Michael Jackson have decided not to file charges against seven doctors who treated him,” despite what appears to be a very blatant abuse of medication on Jackson’s part before his cash cow swan dive for the record label and family membe… er, I mean death last summer.

According to Billboard:

“One doctor whose name was not released has been referred to the California Medical Board for prescribing drugs to a Jackson alias, she said.

“Candis Cohen, a board spokeswoman, declined to confirm the action, saying complaints and investigations were not public record.

“Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, has pleaded not guilty to felony involuntary manslaughter in the singer’s death. Authorities say Murray provided Jackson with a mix of sedatives, including a powerful anesthetic that killed him… Murray was not among the seven doctors involved in the state investigation.”

Further, Michael’s father Joe Jackson, in between tying children to railroad tracks and stroking his moustache, had his attorney, Brian Oxman (who is representing Joe in a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Murray; or, as Joe calls it, “ch-ching ch-ching ch-ching”), say this about the decision not to file charges against the seven docs:

“I am very disappointed… The misuse of medications by Michael Jackson in the last years of his life was excessive and to fail to bring that to the public eye is ignoring reality.”

What do you think of the decision not to file charges against seven of Jackson’s doctors?