Lollapalooza 2010 kicked off with a bang! We got a great work out from walking from one end of the festival to the other but each trek was well-worth it for all the artists we got to see on the first day. Besides, Friday’s headliner was Lady Gaga. Not many people are going to forget that whether they were thinking, “I love her!” or “She’s just creepy” or “This is too weird.” (We actually heard people say these thoughts out loud, by the way!)

However, we want to focus on all the other great acts that just offered us all they had: The music. There’s a special connection between an audience member and a band member when he or she speaks into the microphone. They can thank us for watching but we’re really just thankful they’ve brought the sounds. They can make jokes and we’ll chuckle and have a moment even though there are hundreds surrounding us. Check Lollapalooza Day 1 through our eyes with the photos below!

Words by Seraphina L.

Photography by Carl Pocket