Lollapalooza has ended and although we are sad to say goodbye, we are glad to share the news that we had nothing less than a fantastic time covering some of the greatest bands of the year play some phenomenal shows. Even though day 3 started out a bit more wet than we would have preferred, the bands certainly made it worth our time.

While Friday’s most anticipated show was Lady Gaga and Saturday’s was Green Day, Sunday had some of the best last acts you could ask for in regards to closing the festival. We were lucky enough to go from Erykah Badu to The National to Soundgarden to Arcade Fire. Yes, it was a completely jam packed day but we’re happy it went down the way it did.

Other notable performance included Frank Turner showing us his folk-punk side, The Antlers embracing the rain The Dodos offering us Neko Case and more. Check our third day of Lollapalooza out through our photos below!

Words by Seraphina L.

Photography by Carl Pocket