Knock the Hardees bags out of the front seat of your Camaro, bust out your old copies of Metal Hammer, and unroll that poster of David Lee Roth with the lips mysteriously kissed rubbed off – Diamond David Lee Roth is now recording a new album with Van Halen, according to Spinner.  The original and best (sorry Gary Cherone fans) Van Halen frontman is reportedly returning for his first VH album since 1984’s cleverly titled 1984.  Even further, rumor has it that the reunited greatest pop metal act of the 1980s will hit the road after the new album’s release.

An announcement by Warner/Chappel this week notes that “the band is currently in the studio recording an album with Roth that is due for release in 2011.”  Which, if I crunch my numbers right, *whips out an abacus* means that we should be getting a Van Halen/ Sammy Hagar reunion sometime around the end of 2012, which should dovetail nicely into the apocalypse that’s apparently supposed to hit sometime that year, according to various New Age-ers and that one terrible John Cusack movie.

What do you think about the planned Van Halen/ David Lee Roth reunion, new album recording, and tour?