Happy Birthday to the Super Mario Brothers! Our favorite Italian plumbers, Mario and Luigi, turn 25 today as an entity and it doesn’t look like they’ll ever stop saving the Princess Peach or go stop going on adventures with Yoshi and Toadstool.  The Super Mario Brothers started out as a sequel to the original 1983 game, Mario Bros., but it went on to be so much more. Kids have become inseparable from their video game consoles because of these brothers and now they’re an even bigger empire than we could have ever imagined!

We all remember the theme songs as we would rush to get to the next level. So to celebrate their 25th anniversary today, we’ve compiled a playlist of YouTube videos that have some pretty rad (and just some hilariously bad) musical covers, remixes and renditions of a couple of our favorite Super Mario Bros. theme songs. Check them out below!

Our favorite renditions include A Cappella, Piano,  Orchestra, Techno and Ukelele takes but listen/watch all 10 below! Enjoy flashing back to pre-puberty – a time when gold coins were all you cared about.

1. Ska

2. Rock-Metal

3. Techno

4. Big Band

5. Full Orchestra/Symphony

6. A Cappella

7. Hip Hop

8. Piano

9. Jazz

10. Ukelele

Happy Birthday Super Mario Brothers!

Which one was your favorite rendition?