It seems just like yesterday when we were basking in the nostalgic glory of Soundgarden at Lollapalooza. Putting on one of the best closing sets we’ve seen all festival season (even sounding better than Arcade Fire at the other end of Lolla), fans of Chris Cornell and his band got to take in a performance they knew they might never get to see again… or at least for a while. There’s talk about a reunion tour but the hard facts and evidence indicating that it’s actually going to be happening any time soon just aren’t here yet. If you’re curious as much as we are, you might also be wondering where the tour dates are. Announce them already, guys!

However, we did get a new single – “Black Rain” – a track off of their forthcoming greatest hits album, Telephantism, and now we also have a music video to go along with it. Check the video – their first in ten years – out below!

If anyone is a fan of the cartoon, Metalocalypse, you’ll see that the entire animated video has the exact same vibe to it – with lasers and all. It’s because the show’s co-creator, Brenden Small, is the mastermind behind this clip. It’s a pretty entertaining watch if you’re into this kind of stuff. We get to see Soundgarden in a sci-fi light!

Check the video out below!

[via CoS]

What did you think of Soundgarden’s video for “Black Rain?”