As everyone knows the fashion capital of the United States just had their Fall fashion extravaganza this past week. Celebrities, musicians and fans of style all celebrated with NYC shows which revealed the hottest new clothing, accessories and more but what some people may forget is how much music is connected to the week-long event. To help promote designers and brands, tons of artists  also perform as part of these events. So, it doesn’t surprise us to discover Gwen Stefani was there simultaneously talking her clothing line (L.A.M.B.) up while talking about new music from No Doubt up. She revealed a few details in a quick interview. More details after the jump!

In a recent video interview Stefani did with the Associated Press, the lead vocalist and beauty of No Doubt divulged some insight to what the group has been up to. Key statements indicated that she and the band have been writing new material during the last year when she shared studio details: “We have a bunch of songs. It’s hot and I mean we can’t wait to give it to everyone but it’s not done. It takes so long. It’s so tedious. The process is just slow.”

However, in regards to the time they’re spending on minute details in the studio and with all the late nights she has with her kids, she confidently added, “It’s taking a little bit longer but it’s going to be worth it.” How much longer will No Doubt fans be waiting? Stefani isn’t so sure herself but she does know when she’d like to be done: “As soon as I’m done with this [fashion] show, I’m back in the studio right when I get home. I want to finish by December but that doesn’t mean anything  because who knows when we’ll be done.”

Whether there are really any No Doubt fans left – they definitely strayed far from their Ska days and they recently went on tour without any new songs to promote – putting out a new album right now is only a good feeling for them. No Doubt band member, Tony Kanal, also seemed to be gleeful about recording again when he stated, “Here we are 23 years into it making another record. We’re very lucky.”

Are you interested in a new No Doubt record?