As we’ve told you in our previous giveaway, electro-folk pop star Ellie Goulding was getting ready to make a great first impression with her first show in Los Angeles let alone in the US. She went beyond these expectations on Tuesday night when she played to a packed house at The Roxy by proving that only talent can transform a shy acoustic singer-songwriter into a dazzling electro pop star. Although her voice may have started out small, her songs victoriously boomed with vitality and style.

After teaming up with electronica veterans such as Starsmith and Frankmusik on her album, Lights, Goulding seemed to be the lucky café singer who was lucky enough to be plucked out of the slow and vast sea of artists in that genre. However, with her songwriting skills, all the basic stepping stones were there was room for her to build upon invention after invention.

There is a cleverness to Goulding’s songwriting foundation and we can imagine that her piercing, bright and beautiful voice suited her acoustic style well long before her transformation. However, it is the shimmering glitz and the heavy beats that really make her songs sparkle as much as her music videos do. People can liken her to La Roux just because she is the next big UK electronica female artist about to pop everyone’s mainstream bubbles, but there’s something that holds incredible honesty which a lot of La Roux’s synthesized riffs don’t contain.

The robust arch in her songwriting could be heard as she belted out personal songs such as the staccato-vocalized “Every Time You Go,” the power ballad “The Writer” and the revealing “Wished I Stayed.” She also performed songs that were a bit more daring with effects such as defying “Your Biggest Mistake” and “Salt Skin.

However among all of this, she also slipped in bits of her past. Ditching the drumsticks and losing herself back in memories, she also provided intimate covers of Midlake’s “Roscoe” and The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” on acoustic guitar. With the keys helping out on harmonic riffs, these two covers really offered an Ellie Goulding who was bare. The wow-factor took a step up the ladder because even without the big beats, her delicate voice was powerful enough to become an affecting, once-in-a-lifetime moment.

With a diverse set from the 23 year old singer-songwriter, she easily bounced from various moods and styles – a strong quality in a musician who knows the details of her own strength. With all of this seen and heard, it was obvious Goulding was confident in her skin of multi-talent. Ending with “Starry Eyed,” a fan favorite and complete with hair tossing, drumming, and back bending, Goulding surely made an impression on those who weren’t even in attendance. This was a show that will be talked about for a while.

Check out some of our photos of Ellie below!

Photography by Carl Pocket