Because screw you Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame for once again snubbing rock legends Rush we are going to run nothing but Rush news all day. Okay, that’s not true. But how perfectly ironical that during the week the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame nominations are released, its announced that the Canadian rock trio will be presented with not one, but two honors (for being so awesome):

Rush will be named this year’s Legend of Live at the 2010 Billboard Touring Awards in New York on Nov. 4. They will also be honored with the Living Legend award at this year’s Marshall Classic Rock Roll Of Honor Awards on Nov. 10.

So take that Hall of Fame.

According to, the Legend of Live honors groups or individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to live music and the touring business, and acknowledges the recipients’ commitment to the art of performing live and reaching fans through the concert experience.

The Billboard Touring Awards wraps the 7th annual Billboard Touring Conference, which takes place Nov 3-4 at the Sheraton NY. Previous award recipients include Rolling Stones promoter Michael Cohl (2004), Sir Elton John (2006) and the Allman Brothers Band (2008).

On the Rush honor, Ray Waddell, Billboard’s executive director of content and programming, touring and live entertainment, said:

“With a remarkable body of live work over the years, altering the course of rock music and raising the bar as to what can be done onstage, along with the band’s continued commitment to playing live, we think Rush are uniquely deserving of this award.”

Rush — Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart — have moved millions of concert tickets in their current lineup in place since 1974, and with 24 consecutive gold or platinum albums, they trail only The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Aerosmith.

It’s become something of an online/editorial cottage industry to rail against the Hall of Fame for its now-yearly snub of Rush. Their exclusion definitely annoys a lot of people; the Rush fan base is rightfully going to be upset, but it’s such a glaring omission that even the casual Rush fan realizes the band is being unfairly snubbed for inclusion into the Hall.

Rush has been eligible for the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame since 1999.

That’s embarrassing. Oh, but let’s make sure we get LL Cool J in there pronto because he did sing that “Mama Said Knock You Out” song and that kinda sounds like rock.

Still not entirely sure what the hold up is, but Rush have never been a band loved by critics, for whatever ridiculous reason. But its many of these folks who are probably keeping Rush out of the Hall for whatever ridiculous reason they try to convince themselves of each year.

Following the Billboard event, Rush will jet over to London to collect the Living Legend award on November 10, with Alice Cooper hosting the event at London’s Roundhouse venue.

The Classic Rock ‘Living Legend’ award is bestowed on a rock act for their enduring influence and remarkable achievements in the world of rock music.

Geddy Lee said:

“We are thrilled to receive the ‘Living Legend’ award from Classic Rock. It’s much better than the alternative! Seriously, we are humbled and very appreciative.”

Scott Rowley, Editor-in-Chief of Classic Rock, added:

“Ridiculously, Rush haven’t yet been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame – so it’s an honor to recognize their massive contribution to rock music at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honor.”

The nominations for the 2010 Marshall Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards in association with were announced earlier this year with AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, Slash and Kiss all battling it out with multiple nominations.

Voting is open now here.