With their start back in October 2009, Los Angeles-based band Foster the People is definitely considered to be relatively new in the music circuit. However, instead of viewing their newbie-ness as an obstacle, it’s likely they’ve viewed it as a worthy challenge.  We can only assume the band has plenty of plans in store. How do we know? We don’t, but here’s our guess according to the voyeur-machine that is Twitter: having played their last show of 2010 a few days back and already working on their first ever music video, it is only logical that they’re dreaming up a project – or at least applying their energies in that direction – to satisfy our curiosities about them.

Hopefully, to rock our socks off. We wear special socks for such occasions. Their sound is clean and fresh, pop and fizz without the sugary sweet. It’s the cater-to-you style without abandoning their sound that has roped us in – that and their inherent knack at keeping it less about them and more about the music. Foster the People, will we ever really know you? Check out them in our BeatCrave Fav series below and don’t forget to vote for them at the end of this month!

Pick of the Day: Foster the People

Type: Indie pop, alternative

Band Members:

  • Mark Foster (keys/guitar/lead vox)
  • Zach “Reazon” Heiligman (MPC)
  • Mark Pontius (drums)
  • Cubbie Fink (bass/backing vox)


“Pumped Up Kicks”



Upcoming Shows:

Foster The People does not currently have any upcoming shows but you can check their official website for updates!

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