The Miami Police Department is finding itself in the middle of a public relations snafu—according to Entertainment Weekly, the law enforcement agency’s website debuted a new banner yesterday requesting that citizens report any and all gang activity.  Why, then, all the hubbub?  Well, the banner clearly uses two characterizations of rapper/mogul Jay-Z as stand-ins for gang members.  But I’m totally sure that it had nothing to do with Jay-Z’s career or skin color, you guys.  Nothing at all:

“’It was something that was inadvertently done,’ the Miami Police Department’s Officer Kenia Reyes tells EW. ‘It was a mistake.’ Reyes blamed the mix-up on the Miami PD’s computer department and declined to comment further.”

Whew!  Glad we got that one cleared up!  Nothing to see here, folks, nothing at all.

Further, the Miami Police Department removed the image from their website, so that’s something.   And I’m sure that the department will endeavor in the future to only use characterizations non-famous black people when warning its citizenry of gangland threats and goshdarn troublesome minorities, instead of the more recognizable celebrities.  I mean, it’s only fair, right?

What do you think of the Miami Police Department’s usage of images of Jay-Z to warn the public about gang activity?