This weekend was packed with tons of great shows to go to. We started out with LA Folk Fest’s Murder Ballad night on Tuesday but the spookiness and craziness continued for us. If you aren’t the raving type or just didn’t manage to get tickets to HARD Haunted Mansion this year, you would have had as much fun if not more at The Henry Clay People‘s annual Rock and Roll Circus on Friday night. Perfect for Halloween weekend, the 14-band mini festival at The Echo and The Echoplex was an intriguing swirl of musicians and fans all dressed up in costumes and appropriately soaking up the booze along with the songs.

Without a minute wasted in silence, there were bands even playing in the Echoplex lounge and out on the patio in between sets. There were was also popcorn and games set up making it a truly bizarre but fun night. We were there to capture as much as we could for you. Check our photo gallery out below!

Early performances started out with band such as We Barbarians and The Monolators. Marvelous Toy managed to bust out a cover of Bowie‘s “Space Oddity” out on the patio before Andy Clockwise and Little Ones dominated each stage of their own upstairs and downstairs, respectively. Manhattan Murder Mystery, The Steelwells rocked out in between sets both outside and inside but the night was perfectly sealed by the silly but endearing band who put this all together: The Henry Clay People.

With masks, wigs, face paint, and robes they came out to give a fantastic performance much like any other night. Never mind that people were already hammered, everyone was packing themselves into the Echoplex (which is considered a large venue on the East side) for the closing act who were feeling as happy-go-lucky as the rest of the crowd. It was a show that has gotten our hopes very high for what’s to come next year.

Check some of our photos out below!

Photography by Carl Pocket