Here we have a nice grab bag of music news covering a variety of talented artists like Tom Waits, Keith Richards and Dave Matthews. There’s also something in there about someone we couldn’t even muster the inner strength to mention in the headline.

Check below for BeatCrave’s music news roundup.

Dave Matthews Plans Special Charity Concerts

Dave Matthews will give two concerts later this year and donate all the proceeds to charity. The concerts will be held December 6 and 7 at Seattle’s McCaw Hall, and will see Matthews back with friend and frequent collaborator Tim Reynolds.

100% of the concert proceeds will be donated to charity. The cool thing is that every ticket-buyer gets to decide which charity to support.

Matthews is the first musician to team with, a website that matches donations with almost 2 million different charities. For every $135 ticket a fan buys, they’ll get a $150 credit on that can be directed to any charitable organization on the site. hosts some 1.5 million charities.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Matthews’s representatives have said the two shows will pull in an estimated $1 million.

“I’m excited about the idea of it turning it into something more,” Matthews says.

Russell Simmons, Not Perfect After All

For those of you who believed Russell Simmons to be just an all-around perfect guy, well, you are wrong.

In a new interview, Simmons looks to drum up some buzz by admitting…. that he’s a flawed guy. “I struggle with everything all the time,” he said.

Simmons has a new TV show to plug, Running Russell Simmons, which debuts November 2 on the Oxygen Channel. To go along with his admission that he’s not perfect, apparently Simmons also has a bunch of ladies working for him.

“Women run the thing,” he said. “They are creative and talented. It’s about them. It’s fun.” Releases Exclusive Red Vinyl Edition of 4 Classic Waits Albums

Ahead of the general December 21 Rhino retail release, is offering limited edition 180 gram red vinyl versions of Closing Time, The Heart of Saturday Night, Nighthawks at the Diner and Small Change.

That’s as damn good a quartet of albums right there.

Those who pre-order by December 18 should have their packages arrive by December 24.

The red vinyl limited editions (only 1000 pressed of each title) will be available exclusively at and are available for pre-order now.

Rhino will celebrate Waits this December by reissuing the Grammy-winning/Oscar nominated artists’ first four Asylum albums on 180-gram heavy vinyl each packaged with their original artwork. Released on December 21 at retail outlets, including

Kim Kardashian, Singer

There’s a horrible rumor out there that professional something-or-other Kim Kardashian has reportedly teamed up with The-Dream to record her debut album.

A source tells, “Kim’s got a really good voice.”

That is so totally not the point!

Garbage Back In the Studio to Record New Album

Shirley Manson has revealed that Garbage are heading back into the studio. The singer was making an appearance at the University of West Scotland when she confirmed the news during the visit: “I’m working on a record right now with the band. We’ve recorded quite a lot but it’s difficult to quantify,” she said – via The Sottish Herald.

Keith Richards’ Collection of Solo Records Out Today

The biography is out and now Keith Richards is releasing the first-ever collection of his solo records (via Mindless Records).

The album features remastered tracks from his solo albums Talk is Cheap, Live at the Hollywood Palladium and Main Offender.

The album also includes “Hurricane,” an acoustic track previously available only to fans who donated to Hurricane Katrina relief during the most recent Rolling Stones tour.

This week only, anyone who purchases a copy of Vintage Vinos on will receive an exclusive download of the live video for “Take it So Hard” from the out-of-print Live at the Hollywood Palladium.

Keith Richards, Vintage Vinos tracklist:

  • 1. “Take it So Hard”
  • 2. “Big Enough”
  • 3. “You Don’t Move Me”
  • 4. “Struggle”
  • 5. “Make No Mistake”
  • 6. “Too Rude” (live)
  • 7. “Time is on My Side” (live)
  • 8. “Happy” (live)
  • 9. “Connection” (live)
  • 10. “Wicked as it Seems”
  • 11. “Eileen”
  • 12. “Hate it When You Leave”
  • 13. “Locked Away”
  • 14. “Hurricane”