Proving himself to be, quite literally, the bravest man in the whole wide universe, a Miami federal judge actually had the brass to dismiss rap mogul/ incredible hulk Suge Knight’s lawsuit against Kanye West concerning a 2005 shooing.

According to Billboard, Knight “was seeking more than $1 million in damages from West. Knight was shot in the leg at a 2005 Miami Beach party hosted by West. Knight blames West for lax security.   The shooter has never been identified.”

However, the judge ruled that there was “no evidence that a shooting at the party was foreseeable. The case was set for trial next month.  West’s attorney, Adam Josephs, says the suit was ill-conceived from the beginning, adding he was gratified the court agreed.”

Ha—I like this guy.  Not only did the judge have the audacity to rule against a human wrecking ball (I mean literally—Suge Knight has the exact shape and proportions of a wrecking ball), he even had the temerity to crack jokes like shootings around Suge Knight are unforeseeable.  HA!

‘Cause he killed Biggie Smalls, get it?

*several loud knocks on my front door*

Oh, heck.

What do you think of the judges decision to dismiss Suge Knight’s lawsuit?