The critically acclaimed Australian band PVT, formerly Pivot, mixes elements of pop and post-punk to create their truly electrifying, extremely seductive music. With the release of their latest album, Church With No Magic, as well as their stunning live performances (just check out the attention they got from AOL Interface when they performed live), the band is on its way up as they transition into American music waves. The chilly, dark, and electric sound of “Timeless” is haunting and intriguing, and you cant help but be pulled in as the song slowly builds up its energy.

Its hard to put a finger on what exactly works so well for PVT: Is it the pacing? The alienating sound? The chilly electro beat? Give them a listen and decide for yourself what it is that brings you in, but we’re certain that you’ll get hooked almost immediately. Check out PVT in the Beatcrave Fav series below!

Pick of the Day: PVT

Label: Warp

Type: Post Punk, ambient rock

Band Members:

  • Richard Pike
  • Dave Miller
  • Laurence Pike


“Light Up Bright Fires”


“Church With No Magic” Live on Spinner

“Timeless” Live on Spinner

“Crimson Swan” Live as part of Australia’s PBS Easey St Session



  • In The Blood EP (2008)
  • O Soundtrack My Heart (2008)
  • Window Single (2010)
  • Church With No Magic (2010)

Upcoming Shows:

  • 12/30/10 Peats Ridge Festival – Glenworth Valley, NSW, Australia
  • 1/8/11 Summadayze – Perth, Western Au, Australia
  • 2/4/11 Laneway Festival – Brisbame, Australia
  • 2/5/11 Laneway Festival – Melbourne, Australia
  • 2/6/11 Laneway Festival – Sydney, Australia
  • 2/11/11 Laneway Festival – Adelaide, Australia
  • 2/12/11 Laneway Festival – Perth, Australia

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