White Stripes fans, rejoice: after having hinted at a possible end to the band’s hiatus back in April, Jack White announced during an interview with Vanity Fair this month that he and Meg White will be begin recording new Whites Stripes material soon, now that Jack’s five million and seven side endeavors, along with various White Stripes projects, are out of the way.

According to Spin:

“’We thought we’d do a lot of things that we’d never done: a full tour of Canada, a documentary, coffee-table book, live album, a boxed set,’ he says. ‘It was one long project that took almost three years. Now that we’ve gotten a lot of that out of our system, Meg and I can get back in the studio and start fresh.’”

“To hold over fans until they release new music, the White Stripes will release a deluxe box set in December. The White Stripes Merchandise Collection is a giant set collecting the band’s album and singles on vinyl, a 7″ single “Merry Christmas From the White Stripes,” a portable record player, White Stripes headphones, and more. The set is aimed at die-hards and deep-pocketed fans: only 333 copies are available for $499 a pop.”

It should be noted that “to hold over fans” should probably be specified and amended as “to satiate 300 collectors” as opposed to the thousands upon thousands of fans who won’t be able to get the box, or will just steal the Christmas song from a torrent site.  Those minor quibbles aside, thank God the Stripes are coming back—if I heard of one more Jack White side project, my head was going to explode like the guy at the end of Scanners (which would, admittedly, be kind of cool—certainly cooler than the last Raconteurs record).

What do you think of the White Stripes ending their hiatus?