Up until fairly recently, the Tron universe wasn’t exactly considered “hip.” (If it was, it was only ironically so.) That’s likely to change now that the album of Daft Punk’s score for the film sold 70, 794 units between the period of December 7 and December 12. And that’s just in the United States and Canada. Wow.

Already, this makes the score one of the highest selling in recent years and may possibly edge it into the ranks of the best sellers of all time. It debuted at Number 10 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album list. The last time a score debuted in the Top 10 on that list was five years ago for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

It’s also made its way onto the list of Top 10 iTunes albums, securing the number 3 spot in the States and enjoying the top spot in France, which makes sense, seeing as the band is French after all.

Gotta credit the folks at Disney for recruiting the duo to score the film. Their electronic music definitely matches up with the cyber-world of Tron, but it would have been easy enough for producers to hire a no-name composer who could have thrown together some cheap techno-beats and called it a day. When you also consider that David Fincher had a lot of success recruiting Trent Reznor to score The Social Network, maybe future films will feature more and more original music from rock artists.

The members of Daft Punk must be happy with these sales, and if you’re not lucky enough to catch them at a live show, go see Tron: Legacy. They once again blur the line between fantasy and reality by making a cameo in the film as a pair of DJs.

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