For fans of hip-hop, the collaboration between Kanye West and Jay-Z is nothing short of a dream come true. These two are modern legends, and although we find it kind of difficult to believe that Kanye would ever want to work with anyone other than himself, we must say that fans of this genre of music probably have a lot to look forward to. A lot of skeptics were probably silenced last night, when the duo debuted the first single from their collaboration on Facebook, Rolling Stone reports.

The tune is called “H.A.M.” and even though it was not released to sites like iTunes, where it would have been available for download, the streaming version on Facebook was extremely popular, scoring thousands of listens in just a few hours. Impressive, especially when you consider the fact that it was released in the middle of the night. Not exactly prime time.

Odds are Jay-Z and Weest decided that their fans deserved a treat, seeing as the entire album, entitled Watch the Throne, was originally supposed to be released this week, but now could possibly be delayed until March. Reports indicate that it will be worth the wait, though; the track is killer and it sounds like these two were able to put together their own individual talents and create something excellent without one artist outshining the other.

We can hear the Grammy announcement already…

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