The Pierces took the stage at Hollywood’s Hotel Cafe this past Tuesday evening. The crowd was a-plenty, standing room only, bubbly and eager in anticipation of, seemingly, their girls. Walking onto the stage from the front, the stunning pair were helped onto it by their band, and instead of introducing themselves via spoken word, they launched into the first song of their set. The bond between them was more apparent than ever in support of any previous statement uttered as such, yet even through shared vocals and stage presence, both were able to convey an individual style in their appearance and attitude.

Catherine, her microphone a useful stage prop and utilized in brilliant conjunction with her voice, worked a more glam look with lined eyes and shiny lips, her blonde hair punctuated by blunt bangs, and donning a dark blue one-sleeved dress. Sister Allison, complete with guitar, expressed a more bohemian style, with her also-long brown hair parted down the middle, fresh-faced with a sleeveless top, broad belt and long, flowing white skirt. Opposites? Perhaps, but not really. Their overall inner synchronicity commandeered the evening, and went hand-in-hand with their passion and reverence for their ability to perform, shared with their band. Seeing the pair get so involved with their own compositions proved as much of the show itself, being that it was far from a persona, but all them – dancing, swaying, foot-stomping, eyes to the ceiling and all.

A fair share of The Pierces’ songs covered the basic matters of the heart – relationship woes, heartbreak, love (the good and the bad of it all), and the splendor of life. Not necessarily in that order, of course, but colored for good measure in rich, bleeding hues and a bit outside of the lines. Based in New York by way of Birmingham, each song touched a bit of where they’ve been and where they’re going. And despite it being their third show of the day, the energy was high and, therefore, resulted in reverberating sound.

“Sticks and Stones”, which highlighted some Southern flair, was even sung in a tall-tale sort of way. Painting a picture with nature’s basic celestial elements and involving mention of “a witch’s spell / But it just might blow your top / Then you start to run just as I’m having fun / And it’s awfully hard to stop” made for a fun and bouncy yet twisted few minutes. Think something framed in the KT Tunstall kind of way – except, quite thankfully, a little less commercial. Performances of “Space and Time” and “You and I” from their upcoming album also titled You and I – due out this coming March – punctuated the set with a view looking toward the near future. And their encore as requested by the audience, “Boring”, sultry in a siren’s call sort of way, took us anywhere from “Paris, France / Londontown / NYC”, amusing with their feigned apathy.

In between songs we were treated to back-and-forth banter and glances that only sisters could knowingly throw in between each other, particularly during the song “We Are Stars”, in which the pair sang about how ‘we’re all made up from the same stuff’, like the stars but that the only way to satisfy us is the love of another. Case in point, post-song, Allison poked fun at her sibling, stating that she was told it by Catherine that it was written for her, but then “ten minutes later I heard her telling some other guy that she wrote it about him”, met with an appropriate wrinkling of the nose and sheepish smile. Rounding out their set by interacting with their audience through firm confidence and humility that could only be expressed by true talent in our opinion, The Pierces delivered a show that was truly a delight to be involved in.

Check our photos of The Pierces out below!

Photography by Carl Pocket