It’s a musical mash-up more shocking than Aerosmith and RUN-DMC. According to the BBC, in an effort to market their business more effectively, Intel has awarded of the Black Eyed Peas the position of “Director of Creativity.” Although details are sketchy as of now, it seems that his role will involve working with the company to reach a wider audience.

Who knew Intel was after the Fergie crowd?

This news comes as a bit of a surprise. Not the “band is breaking up unexpectedly” kind of surprise, but rather the “extremely bizarre” kind of surprise. It’s not exactly uncommon for major companies to seek the talents of celebrities in an attempt to develop an identity in the market, but it’s a little strange that Intel is going this route. They make microprocessors for computers. What kind of person is going to decide whether or not to implement an Intel product in their computer design based on the fact that told them it was a good idea?

Well, while the rest of us may be shrugging our shoulders and trying to make sense of this partnership, those involved seem happy with it. The star said that “Teaming up with researchers and programmers is going to be amazing,” and remarked that his work often “involves processors and computers.”

Well, if can teach the company how to make their products more beneficial for musicians, ok, he’s got a point. So long as that doesn’t mean they come out with an advanced form of Auto-tune.

What do you think’s contribution to Intel will be?