It was a relatively quiet night on Sunset Boulevard Monday night, until Sarah Ellquist DeBlanke took the stage.

The ROBOTANISTS celebrated the first night of their month long residency at Silverlake Lounge Monday, February 7th, with Death Kits, Twilight Sleep, Lanterns and a bar full of fans. Singing their new album in its entirety from start to finish, this group made it very clear they were no longer the local band looking for a win. They owned it. And it was clear after Monday night’s performance that ROBOTANISTS have matured to a level of professionalism you can see in a band when they truly believe and respect their own music.

The show couldn’t be more fun with guitarist Daniel DeBlanke jumping all around and confessing a deep dark secret of wanting to have a song played on MTV’s Skins. As always, you do wish Silverlake Lounge would just do something to fix their sound issues, but it hardly effected the group’s performance.

Silverlake Lounge is notorious for sound issues and besides the ROBOTANISTS each band had some struggles with it.

Death Kit took the stage first followed by Twilight Sleep who sounded like an entirely different group towards the end of their set than the start. Lead vocalist Tracy Marcellino was a bit qwerky on stage, twitching and moving awkwardly behind every beautifully haunting roar, but when she finally became comfortable onstage those moves seemed to be less noticeable. There wasn’t a ton of diversity between each song from Twilight Sleep and they need to smooth out some wrinkles in the overall performance, but it was great to see them live. If we could get more of how they sounded in the second half throughout their set, they might really have something.

The turnaround time between Twilight Sleep and the ROBOTANISTS was surprisingly fast, and the room filled almost as quickly. Friend of the band, Dan Grayson, was responsible for the kick-ass live light installation seen on stage that he quietly controlled from behind the band. Vocals faded in and out throughout the performance, but you could hear the raw passion and talent pouring from behind those shaggy bangs.

San Diego based Lanterns closed the night out with the youngest (but charming) looking rock band I have seen in a while. They ended the night perfectly pretty solid, but I don’t know if I would agree with their “punk” genre listing on their MySpace music page.

This was only the first night of their residency, so make sure to swing by. They’ll be there all month.

Check out our pictures below of Twilight Sleep, ROBOTANISTS, and Lanterns by photographer Carl Johnson.