With music festival season on its way we’ve been getting a lot of news lately about the lineups of the various shows, but what we heard regarding Bonnaroo had generally been little more than rumor and hearsay. Luckily the wait is over and the official lineup for this year has been announced. Read on to see who made the cut…

Major headliners this year include The Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, and, um, Eminem. (Hey, they always like to throw a curveball our way. Remember when Metallica played?) These artists have been the subject of media attention lately thanks to new albums with hit singles, and their involvement in the festival is likely to draw a good crowd. We’re not sure if Eminem’s trademark anger will harsh the hippies’ mellow, but worst case scenario is he goes back to the studio and writes an irritating, self-absorbed song about it.

Though, he won’t be the only hip hop artist there this year. Lil Wayne and Big Boi are also set to perform.

The festival will also welcome back My Morning Jacket, who appeared there immediately before they attracted a larger audience.

Of course, Bonnaroo is a haven for jam band and folk enthusiasts–it’s as close to Woodstock as some people are gonna get–and they won’t be disappointed, with acts like Primus, The String Cheese Incident and Gregg Allman taking the stage.

This year will also place a strong emphasis on comedic performances, welcoming the likes of Conan O’Brien, Louis CK and Aziz Ansari. Seeing as most in attendance will be stoned enough to find even Carlos Mencia funny, we’re guessing that these talented performers will be a huge success.

It looks like a good year for the festival. Be sure to check the official site for the full lineup. 

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