After making a positive impression on listeners last year, Florence and the Machine have quickly developed a following that reaches across genre barriers, with everyone from pop fans to indie-rock gurus finding something to enjoy in the group’s music. Luckily for us, they appear to be a hard-working act; Spinner reports that they are already preparing to record a new album.

Rob Ackroyd, the group’s guitarist, mentioned that they are hoping to record the album at the legendary Abbey Road in April or May of this year. Reports indicate that they won’t be entering the studio empty-handed, as they’ve been working on writing new material since last fall.

Although singer Florence Welch is the clear heart and soul of the group, she was not around to comment on the band’s plans just yet. Ackroyd did however explain how his musical sensibilities, which include an interest in “hip-hop and American indie” blend with Welch’s pop infatuation to create a particular brand of music that has done a good job so far of attracting the masses.

As this group rises to what seems to be well-deserved fame, they’ll be taking their act to North America this June, as well as playing second-string to U2 when they hit the road. With a mix of catchy songs anc charismatic performers, the band will be a worthy sight to see.

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