She already rocked the world in No Doubt and baffled the world when she gave us the words “Hollaback Girl,” but Gwen Stefani hasn’t been content to be another 90s relic trying in vain to hold on to a music career. She’s made an impression on the world of fashion as well, all while raising her song Kingston with husband Gavin Rossdale of Bush.

And now according to a report from Yahoo!, little Kingston made a brief attempt to get in on the family business.

According to the report, while strutting down the New York City Fashion Week runway, Stefani was joined on stage by her son who more or less stole the show, scoring a very positive reaction from the audience. Looks like he’s got the same knack for performance as his famous parents, but with genes like that, who could be all that surprised?

Stefani was in town for the major fashion event promoting her own line, says OK! Magazine. Although Kington’s appearance will be what most people are talking about, some would say that Stefani would have been worth remembering on her own. While it is sometimes disheartening to see musicians sell out in support of products, this is Stefani’s own business, and style has always been a major part of her image. Some rock stars make signature guitars. Gwen Stefani makes clothes. If she’s good at it, she should be encouraged.

Do you think Gwen Stefani should continue to focus on fashion, or stick to music?