So long as you choose not to look too long at his face, you may very well suspect that Mick Jagger has found the Fountain of Youth. Sure, he’s one of those rock stars whose had to make a living singing his old songs (because most “new” ones just can’t compare), but to his credit, he performs them with enough pure energy to make them sound fresh every time. Now, with the future of The Rolling Stones still unclear, Spinner is reporting that the legendary rocker isn’t about to take a rest. Word is he’s got a new solo album in the works.

According to Chris Jagger, Mick’s brother, the singer is currently in Los Angeles right now recording with old collaborator Dave Stewart, who worked with Jagger on Primitive Cool, his solo record from the late 80s.

It is important to mention that these reports are unconfirmed, but there’s little reason to believe that Chris Jagger is lying. Stewart and Mick are old pals who have recorded together a few times, and it’s not like Jagger to take too much time off. He was born to make rock ‘n roll music, and he rarely passes up an opportunity to do so.

Of course, there’s the chance that the new material will be lackluster. Jagger has always done his best work with his bandmates, and they’ve all done their best work decades ago. Can this new solo album be relevant, or will it be another case of an aging rocker trying too hard?

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