Mumford and Sons have propelled from obscurity to stardom at lightning fast speed thanks to their hit single “Little Lion Man,” one of the few songs so good that we didn’t mind every alt-rock station in America playing it three times an hour. Fortunately, the album from whence that track came, Sigh No More, was every bit as good as we could have hoped, assuring listeners that the band was the real deal.

They are also hard workers, it seems. Spinner reports that they already plan to record a new album later on this year.

This news comes from the band’s keyboardist/accordionist Ben Lovett, who says, “We want to get the second album recorded this year, and we’re hoping to have gigged the record in before going to the studio.”

If the next release from this band is anything like their debut, we can expect yet another bunch of catchy songs with emotional cores. Fans who aren’t willing to wait for another album can hear some new songs when the band goes on tour next month; they plan on testing out some of their new material in their sets.

Lately, it seems that too many bands have drawn massive attention from fans thanks to popular radio singles, only to fade into obscurity a year or so later. Mumford and Sons is a group that is too talented to be ignored, and we’re glad to hear that they are already eager to give listeners more music to enjoy. We expect that they’ll stick around for a while.

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