Kelly Clarkson’s new album is due to be released this September, and the pop star is making sure to promote it heavily. Last week, she appeared on “Ellen,” performing some of her old hits, and while fans certainly enjoyed the opportunity to hear those tunes again, we have a feeling that her next  bigperformance might be significantly more dramatic.

Why? Well, according to the International Business Times, Clarkson may be taking the stage on “Americal Idol” once again this week.

As the winning contestant on the first season of “Idol,” Clarkson may not have gone on to be the biggest pop star in the world, but she certainly established a strong career for herself that she likely would not have had if she was never involved with the television show. Her “Idol” performance, which is said to be scheduled for this Thursday, April 14, will surely prove inspirational to the remaining contestants who will be reminded of what success on the show can bring them.

Sadly, while we may be looking forward to an emotional reunion to take place, we have to remember that only one of the judges–Randy Jackson–remains from the first season of the show, when Clarkson was a participant. We would have liked to have seen her with Simon.

While Clarkson’s pop isn’t our favorite type of music, we will admit that she delivers it with skill and style. “American Idol” exists to identify talent, and in this case, it suceeded.

Would you be interested in seeing Kelly Clarkson perform on “Idol”?