It was just last year Beatcrave was on the scene at the Roxy to catch the first Los Angeles performance by a young UK singer, Ellie Goulding. Since then Goulding’s buzz has continued to soar with numerous awards in the UK and a recent slot at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. With all the buzz her fans in Los Angeles were eagerly awaiting her return on Wednesday at The Music Box Theatre. There was so much anticipation that this sold out show already had a line forming around the building by noon.

While these fans were ready to go when the curtains went up at 9, there would be an opening act before Goulding. The Knux, a duo from Louisiana who have now relocated to Los Angeles, got the entire house grooving with their heavy electronic beats. If the crowd wasn’t familiar with the boy’s original works they also made sure to throw some mixes in the set with snippets of Fat Boy Slim and The Killers getting The Knux work over.

The energetic set was just the warm up everyone needed to get their feet into dance mode for the nights closing act.

When the curtain went up the crowd burst into chants. “Ellie, Ellie, Ellie!”

As she walked out in a pleated military jacket with leopard print scarf, the chanting grew into an eruption when Ellie grabbed a pair of drumsticks and started beating away to “Under the Sheets”. The dance party had started and she was Commander in Chief.

“It’s bloody hot in here”, Ellie exclaimed as she took her jacket off and grabbing a guitar, “Before the show I decided to cut the sleeves off”. “Guns and Horses” set the crowd off and into a chorus of hand claps with many teens in the front screaming along with every word.

Through her 80 minute set Goulding showed off some impressive dance beats but was never afraid to slow the tempo down. Her cover of Elton John’s “Your Song” was breathtaking with her sometimes raspy vocals leaving just enough soul touch to modernize the song with her own twist.

Even though she is stunningly mature on stage, her music still reflects that of any young woman’s struggles with the opposite sex. “This is the last depressing song… about a boy that didn’t like me back,” Ellie proclaimed to an audience full of gasps. It’s hard to imagine anyone not liking this beauty, and I am sure there was no one in the audience that didn’t swoon a little for “The Artist”.

With a somber mood Ellie brightened the mood and brought the dance party back with title track “Lights”. Showing her own dance moves off to the crowd Goulding bent fully back while continuing to strum the guitar.

If her full set wasn’t enough, and it obviously wasn’t as not a single person bound for the exits as she left stage, the crowd was treated to a two song encore. The song many had waited for, “Starry Eyed” ended the set in a sultry, sweaty mix that showed why this UK songstress is on the rise and someone to continue to look out for in 2011.

Missed the show? Well Check out the pictures of the show below…