Your votes have been tallied, and the BeatCrave Fav Artist of April has been named.  We’d like to say thank you to all of the die hard fans who participated in the poll, your hard work was not in vain.  The winner of this month’s BeatCrave Fav is: My Satellite!  Congratulations!

If you’re not familiar with this amazing artist, be sure to check out his BeatCrave Fav feature from earlier this month (listen here). There, you can learn more about his background, his music, and what projects he has coming up.

The other participants in this month’s BeatCrave Fav included: UK-based electronic-infused band with an energetic yet mellow style Younger Brother (listen here), singer/songwriter with a distinct, powerful voice Natalie Walker (listen here), pop rock band verging on folk and classical Boris Smile (listen here), and honest, positive, and high-energy pop punk band from Long Island Giants at Large (listen here).

Each month, we do a huge editorial on the BeatCrave Fav artist who wins our reader poll. You can expect to see and hear more from My Satellite, when we post the feature in the coming week. Stay tuned!

Did you participate in this month’s poll? Who did you vote for?