“The Finals” have arrived on Dancing with the Stars, and to prove their worthy of the mirror ball trophy, each star must perform two new routines: a judge’s pick and the much anticipated “freestyle.” With one more dance to perform on tonight’s results finale, Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane are tied at the top of the leader board and Kirstie Alley continues to bring the “cray cray” entertainment we’ve all grown to love. She’s 60 and she does a cartwheel.

The Good:

  • Chelsea and Mark’s freestyle is fresh, energetic, and edgy – a perfect match for the young couple.
  • Hines and Kym prove you don’t need a ton of fancy tricks to create a memorable freestyle. There’s always a marching band.
  • Kirstie sheds her baggy robe for a black leotard and moves around the ballroom like a teenager at gymnastics camp. And I may have already said this, but she does a cartwheel!

The Bad:

  • Len’s cranky criticism of Hines’ light and airy Quickstep to “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”
  • Chelsea’s power goes out during their light show freestyle, and although she doesn’t flinch, it ruins the visual effect for the audience.


  • Maks to Kirstie as they prepare for their freestyle: “You want to look like an old whack?”
  • Len while coaching Hines: “Let me feel you, come on, look at his deltoids. Good thing Bruno’s not here.”
  • Bruno on Kirstie’s freestyle: “Respect girl, respect.”

Prediction: I think it’s going to come down to Hines and Chelsea and based on probable viewer support, I’d say Hines is going home with the mirror ball. However I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a Disney upset.

Rating: 8/10

By Erica Scandariato of Picktainment.Read Full Review.