There are various styles of purely-instrumental that we find actually work, and Los Angeles-based funk fusion group, Pinot, certainly fits among them. They found their start on campus at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music in 2006, and have since proven what a lot of hard work and belief in your craft (with a lot of help from your friends and bandmates, naturally) can do, especially one that screams of being beyond their years. Not to mention that their energy and one-of-a-kind live performance style – fed by horn-touting, groove-slamming, and pure love of music – makes saying “they’re a pleasure to listen to” an understatement at best. Check them out and take a listen in our BeatCrave Fav series below, and if you can figure out a better way of summing up their electric quality, consider the forum wide open.

Pick of the Day: Pinot

Type: Funk, soul, jam band

Label: Unsigned

Band Members:

  • Sam Brawner
  • Patrick Keller
  • Nick Klingenberg
  • John Schroeder
  • Nikos Syropoulos


  • No. 1 – EP (2007)
  • ’09 (2009)


“Mr. Rager’s Neighborhood”

“Get It” featuring G. Curtis

“Oh Shit, The Jam” featuring G. Curtis

“All I Do” featuring Lara Johnston


Upcoming Events:

  • 6/24 – Englewood, CO
  • 6/25 – Boulder, CO
  • 6/28 – Minneapolis, MN
  • 6/29 – Neenah, WI
  • 7/1 – Neenah, WI
  • 7/2 – Egg Harbor, WI

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