This is it, everybody. The final chance for the two finalists to put on their best puppy-dog faces and plead for our votes. For their final performances Scotty and Lauren had to sing their favorite song from a previous performance, a song by their own idols, and what will be their first single if they win. Both contestants did well, and Jennifer wore a dress that looked like it was stolen from Charo’s closet.

The Good:

  • Lauren’s rendition of “Maybe It Was Memphis.” Granted, it was a little cheesy, but something about her raspy belting and puffy Dolly Parton dress made me smile.
  • Scotty’s performance of “Check Yes or No.” Again, it was super-schmaltzy, but it’s the type of song he’s meant to sing, and in that sense it highlighted his strengths perfectly.

The Bad:

  • Lauren’s final song about how great her mom is. I suppose it was sweet and all, but definitely not first single material. I also thought it was a bit overboard with the emotions, but that might be because I have no soul.
  • Scotty’s single, “I Love You This Big.” BOOOOOORING!

Best Quotes:

  • “How do you feel about the last Oprah?” – Ryan awkwardly trying to fill time while Taio Cruz takes the stage.
  • “It was everything it needed to be and you sang it the way you needed to.” – Jennifer (Bold statement there. Way to take a stand!)

Elimination Prediction:

At this point I think Scotty still has a slight lead, but Lauren is right behind him, so really at this point it could be either of them. Tomorrow should be interesting!

Rating: 7/10

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