Well, there you have it. That wise prophet Randy Jackson was right. Scotty was, in fact, “in it to win it,” and he is now your American Idol. This is surprising to exactly nobody, unless you haven’t been watching all season or you are a crazy person. I know I said that Lauren might have had a chance yesterday, but realistically, everybody knew it was going to be Scotty for the past few weeks now. So yay! America chose the bizarre lanky deep-voiced teenage hearthrob from North Carolina to focus on for a few months. However, despite the winner being pretty predictable, it was actually a decent finale.

The Good:

  • The all-girl Beyonce montage, because 1.) it reminded me how much more talented so many of the departed girls are than finalist Lauren, and 2.) Beyonce is never not good, and is a reminder about what an actual superstar and idol looks like.
  • Haley’s duet with Tony Bennett. Her voice is perfectly suited for Steppin’ Out, and she killed it. She totally got robbed this season getting kicked off before Lauren.

The Bad:

  • The TLC performance. The reminder that Left Eye is dead combined with how winded T-Boz got just made me sad.
  • Lauren’s duet with Carrie Underwood. She totally let her nerves take over and let Carrie take center stage while she mostly stood there smiling like a goof.

Best Quotes:

  • “Nice abs!!” – Ryan’s “praise” of the TLC performance.
  • “You guys have hot teachers!” – Ryan re: Lauren and Scotty’s high school mentors. Seriously, is his only praise for women that they’re hot and/or have nice bangin’ bodies?


Like I said, Scotty is the winner, and everybody knew that’s how it was gonna turn out. I mean sure, it was fun to fantasize about the possibility of Lauren winning and Scotty being sent back from whence he came, but I think deep-down we all knew that was never going to happen. And, while I may not like him or his music or really anything about him, even I can admit that he was the most vocally talented of the two, so in a way it’s refreshing he won and not someone of lesser skill. So good for Scotty, May he enjoy his fame, however fleeting or lasting it turns out to be. I for one am just glad this dog and pony show is over for a bit. Happy summer, everyone!

Rating: 7/10

Predictable, but with some pretty great supplementary performances.

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