The Who: Dan Mangan (3:30 at the Yeti Stage)

What you should know: He is Canadian. He is on the renowned Arts & Crafts label; He is not the guy from the Hangover.

What you may have missed: A blistering set of acoustics and horns. Mangan brought a plethora of the best in Canadian music to be his backing band which isn’t surprising seeing as label mates Broken Social Scene have set the standard in plucking the best from the Great White North and having them join in on the fun. The set was the perfect tri-fecta of punk, indie, and folk. With a smattering of horns and gentle builds up that exploded into noise there was a little something for everyone. Mangan also had his funny moments by introducing members of his band as certain members of the movie “The Hangover”, who actually resembled most of the cast.

What your friends will be talking about: The use of nontraditional items to play the guitar. A few bic lighters were used to slide the guitar, and the fans in the front went crazy for it. In fact a few tossed theirs onstage.

Overheard in the crowd: Maybe it was because of Mangan’s intro words, “In a few weeks Vancouver is gonna win the Stanley Cup.” But it was hard not to hear the chants of “Go, Canucks, Go!” even before the group started.