The Sasquatch Festival is already upon us and Beatcrave is here in Washington celebrating the 10th year birthday of our favorite hairy creature. The party is so big they had to add an extra half day to get the party started a little early. While the day might have been light on the acts, it was not light on the rock. Sure with Bob Mold and Death From Above 1979 you already have some pretty heavy hitters, but none hit harder than Friday night’s closers The Foo Fighters.

Whether you were a new or old fan of the Foo, Dave Grohl made sure he brought a little present for everyone to this party. And this present was pretty much every song you may have heard, or forgotten in their entire catalogue.

Classics like “Monkey Wrench” and “My Hero” got a little rework with extended solos and extended Grohl growls. Those classics you might have forgot “Learn to Fly” and “Break Out” made you remember why you fell in love with them. And even the new ones that the fans already know as well as the classics “White Limo” and “Dear Rosemary” (where Husker Du guitarist Bob Mould joined on stage).

Through the almost two hour set full of posing, heavy guitar licks, and some really rad lights, there was never a moment of down time for the foos.  The only break should have been for the encore, but leaving the stage isn’t the Foo’s style.

“Some bands just leave the stage, but we’re gonna keep playing,” Dave yelled bypassing the encore break, “this is the first song we ever played together”. And with that the band went into “This is a Call” which sounded just as inspired as it did some 16 years ago. If that wasn’t enough, Dave even howled through “Everlong” which only made the crowd long for more.

Enjoy our pics from the set and keep checking in all weekend for more stories and posts from the Sasquatch Festival.