The Who: Secret Sisters at the Bigfoot Stage ( Saturday at 1pm)

What you should know: Secret Sisters are really just that, sisters that people don’t expect to be sisters.

What you may have missed: The Alabama based duo of Lydia and Laura Rogers brought a little country twang to the Pacific Northwest. While most fans were still waking up from a night of hard rocking these two started a little early and played a set littered with covers and original material. Patsy Cline would have blushed.

What your friends will be talking about: Their cover of Hank William’s “Your Cheating Heart”. There aren’t many that don’t know the song but there was something special going on this morning. Maybe it was the blue skies, the crisp vocals that just resonated through the Gorge and a smattering of hand claps with from the crowd to drop the back beat (as the girls were lacking a drummer). Whether they were lying in the grass or hanging out right at the rail, the majestic way to starting Saturday was with Secret Sisters.

Overheard in the crowd: In between songs the sisters were bantering about heartbreak and loss when someone from the crowd yelled out, “What’s your type?”

Laura’s respones, “I think ‘A’ positive”.