The Who: Bright Eyes (8:15pm Saturday at the Main Stage)

What you should know: Bright Eyes is the band fronted by the musical mastermind from Nebraska known as Conor Oberst. Oberst is also responsible for that little record label know as Saddle Creek.

What you may have missed: The hour set was almost the respective history of Bright Eyes. Conor came out in his best Eminem attire (complete with jacket, hoodie and his long bangs covering most of his face) and almost immediately start touching off on the hits. Oberst had no problem going from the keys on “Lover I Don’t Have to Love” to banging out on the guitar on “Four Winds”. He even made his way into the crowd for “Road to Joy” to play with the fans. Even though the groups based in Nebraska Oberst had the California flag either drawn on his face. He even took the time to flash the crowd before punching himself in the face.

What your friends will be talking about: Unfortunately it won’t be how great of a set was performed or how epic “The Calendar Hung Itself” was. Conor went off about US policy “Why would we just go in and shoot an old 70 year old in the head” and his hatred of the internet “you all love the piggy, it’s the devil, you know, the internet, it’s all piggies”. It seemed that each time he opened his mouth fans that had been singing along with every word started making their ways over to other stages.

Overheard in the crowd: “Musicians should not use the stage as their platform for politics”