The Who: Tokyo Police Club (1:45pm, Sunday at the Acoustic Tent)

What you should know: While this was said to be Tokyo Police Club it turned out to be a solo acoustic set by Dave Monks.

What you may have missed: Dave playing the guitar. If you didn’t know he actually plays bass in the full band sets. With no one else joining him on stage he had to get a little creative with the noisy guitar solos that frequent Tokyo Police Club songs by adding a little humming to the songs. This 6 song set which was mostly done by fans shouting out their favorite tunes ended too fast, even with songs like “Tessalate”, “Breakneck Speed”, and “Boots of Danger” getting the slow down.

What your friends will be talking about: That there is a tent with bands playing acoustic that is not on the schedule and is pretty much known through the word-of-mouth at the festival. If anything the 50 or so people will be telling all their friends about the low hum of the crowd joining on the woo’s of “Boots of Danger”

Overheard in the crowd: The crowd was sparse as you need to scan bar codes from an ap on your phone to get tickets into the exclusive tent so will close with what Dan had to say as he started playing a familiar Radiohead lick, “Remember that time when Tokyo Police Club almost played a Radiohead song”, before stopping and heading off stage.