The Who: Matt and Kim (7:30pm Saturday at the Bigfoot Stage)

What you should know: This duo from Brooklyn, New York is only drums and keys but can fill an arena with their energy. They are an upbeat blend of pop punk infused with clips of everyone’s favorite club anthems.

What you may have missed: The most fun and infectious set of Saturday. The entire Matt and Kim set was nothing but a good time. From Kim Schifino’s pearly whites always showing and her knack for jumping onto the drums it’s hard not to gain the same grinning smile when dancing in the crowd. With everyone in the crowd waving in unison balloons were released into the deep blue Washington skies.

What your friends will be talking about: How thankful the band was. Its not often that a band really connects and thanks the fans but it seemed like every chance they had they would tell everyone how much they rocked, but really it was Matt and Kim that Rocked.

Overheard in the crowd: “I wonder if any toothpaste companies have tried to sponsor Kim?”