The Who: Guided By Voices (3:50pm, Monday at the Main Stage)

What you should know: This was the “classic line up” which reunited last year for Matador 21, they were doing the indie-punk-hiss thing before anyone thought it was cool and you shouldn’t be surprised if this set was the last for the old school lineup for some time.

What you may have Missed: Singer Robert Pollard chugging tequila straight from the bottle, the bassist  flinging his salt and pepper locks and the guitarist getting a fresh cig between almost every song. There had to have been an entire carton of cigarettes smoked during the 1 hour set.

What your friends will be talking about: The mass exodus of fans that left right after Chromeo making Guided By Voices pit are almost empty. Even if you walked to the set a few songs in there was no problem walking up to the rail.

Pollard wondered outloud, “What was that (Explictive) band before us? Chromeo? No one wanted to see GBV?”

The sparse group then erupted into the loudest chant of the festival. From the top of the Gorge you could hear the chants of “G-B-V”! and see a few go up into crowd surf mode.

Overheard in the crowd: Every word to every Guided By Voices song. The older crowd that had made their way down to the stage were all huge fans and made every song that was played have the backing chorus of the festival pit

We had to include a gallery for the legends that are Guided By Voices