The Who: Noah and the Whale (2:00 pm, Monday at the Bigfoot Stage)

What you should know: There is no one named Noah or a whale in the band. The name comes from a mix of the band’s favorite film and that films director. They are a four piece group of well dressed men.

What you may have missed: The group came out in all black suits. Firmly pressed and quite exquisite, the folksy-twee band has done a lot of growing up since their single “5 Years Time” was blowing up every car commercial on the US television market. The more mature sound showed that Noah and the Whale has stepped up its games, with thick beats it was hard not to sway back and forth to the charming Brits. Hand claps and whistling adorned most of the set making it a perfect time for some crowd participation and the crowd obliged by partaking in anything the band asked of them, and that was just, “to have a good time”

Overheard in the crowd: “Wasn’t there a girl in this band?”

We had an entire conversation about this in the photo pit and to clear up the confusion, yes there was but the group is now just the boys. Even without a woman’s vocals the boys had no problem with their lovely falsettos filling the void.