You voted Y LUV as your BeatCrave Fav of the Month of May! Garage indie rockers Y LUV consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Freddy Janney, lead guitarist and vocalist Sam Nardella, bassist and vocalist Luke Hanna, and percussionist Marcello Dubaz. They released their debut album, So I Play, in 2010, and their sophomore EP How Chill Can You Let Go? in April 2011. Check out our interview with Freddy Janney, who tells us about meditation, crocheting, and Y LUV’s summer plans, below!

BeatCrave: What are your practice sessions like?

Freddy Janney: Meditation . . . in the loudest sense of the word.

BC: What is your songwriting process? What inspires you?

FJ: The process is just working on it everyday without making ourselves too crazy, too often. If writing it isn’t enjoyable, we’re usually trying to force something. We’re inspired by mystical tales of epic proportions, like Shazaam.

BC: Do you censor yourselves? Have you ever written anything and then decided it was too harsh or too personal to share?

FJ: We are censorless. What you hear is what you get, you know?

BC: What do you like to do in your down time when you’re not working?

FJ: Sam’s really gotten into crochet lately. He made this really beautiful doily last week.

BC: What are some of your favorite foods and beverages? Do any of you like to cook?

FJ: Marcello and Sam love pasta (they’re Italian) and Marcello can make some real nice pasta sauce. I think Luke eats cat food.

BC: Which song are you most proud of and why?

FJ: We love all our children the same . . . but seriously, “All Night” is our favorite.

BC: What could you see yourself doing if you weren’t a musician?

FJ: Probably, like, making balloon animals.

BC: If you could play any venue in the world, which one would you choose?

FJ: Royal Albert Hall.

BC: What’s the best advice anyone’s ever given you?

FJ: Live fast, die old.

BC: In regard to your online bio, I totally get that you are on fire and Marcello is keeping it funky. What is Sam doing to bring world peace? And why is Luke a muppet?

FJ: Sam is trying to bring world peace by sending out good vibes . . . it’s tough to gauge how much of an impact he’s making, but it’s definitely immense. Luke looks like a muppet.

BC: What’s next for Y LUV?

FJ: We’re in the middle of shooting our video for “All Night” right now–it will be out in July. We’ve got a remix of “All Night” coming out in July, too. Annnnd we have a residency at 3 Clubs in Hollywood every Saturday night in July. We’re quite excited.

Download How Chill Can You Let Go?, which contains the single “All Night,” on bandcamp.  For all other news and upcoming shows, check out their Official Website or Myspace page.